Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
2017 - Itinerary 
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
OpenAir Classic XIII
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Run Topless, Discover the four best days of Summer!

This OpenAir Touring family was born in 2006 on a sunny August morning in Ashland, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Superior. More than 200 topless cars and 400 waving people gathered to form a new, friendly touring group to drive the greatest back roads in the Midwest, explore this awesome country and carry on traditions born in the Wisconsin Convertible Classic (1993-2005.)

Thousands of miles later, with eleven outstanding tours in the books, OAC XII will mark the twenty-fi fth consecutive year of topless cruising. We’re delighted to be in Middleton, our headquarters and base for exploring some of Wisconsin’s most exhilarating drives.

Think of these next four days as a quick run through a fabulous buffet. You’ll get a great taste of the area- and certainly want to come back for much more!
Red Ragtops are fun!


A Grand Welcome, Explorers’ Banquet, and Navigator’s Oath Ceremony
Relax. This is going to be a blast! Head for Middleton and the luxurious Marriott Madison West Hotel and Conference Center, our headquarters and comfy home to our 2017 OAC expedition. Check-in, open your suitcase and head to OAC Registration. Sign-in and pick-up your tour kit at the OAC registration area. Meet your fellow OAC cruisers, road-tested tour veterans and raring-to-go rookies eager to hear tour tips. Tell a few of your own good tales, share some twisty road thrills and compare favorite routes. Raise a toast to this wonderful “tops down” life and good folks with whom we share it.

Tonight there’ll be a cash bar, then the Explorers’ Banquet to fuel the crews. Tonight we’ll be honored to have a sure to be unforgettable Wisconsin greeting by the former co-host of Discover Wisconsin TV, former Miss Wisconsin, Miss America Finalist, and Emmy Award Winning Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Stephanie Klett.

Later we’ll have a (mandatory) Driver’s Meeting to review starting times, tour plans, route notes and tips for enjoying the tour. Nervous navigators will try to stay calm as they prepare to stand, raise a hand and recite the sacred Navigator’s Oath. Once they’re inducted into that redoubtable league of flawless way-finders, many new“navs” will explore “the power of prayer.” All will be eager for dawn, the grid, and a spirited run on the fi nest network of backroads in the nation. Rest-up.

Try not to turn too much in bed tonight. There’ll be plenty tomorrow!


Blast Off to the Bluffs, Savor the Flavors!
Up and at ‘em, topless teams! Grab a quick breakfast and get ready for the Middleton Grid! Be sure to check the time for your group and head for your official start. Drop your top, pose in the car for your offi cial photo, then follow the turn by turn instructions to enjoy our special scenic route.

Today we’ll be driving into the breath-taking Baraboo Bluffs, cruising through verdant rural country, enjoying calendar-quality vistas, tasting some of the fi nest wines and cheeses, and running through the historic Wisconsin River Valley. Along the way we’ll sip, savor, and maybe hear a cheese curd squeak! Art and antique lovers keep your eyes open for shops, garage sales and charming small town galleries.

Bring your camera and binoculars. This is eagle country, home to deer, wild turkey, song birds and waterfowl. There’s much to see! We’ll visit local, insider-favorite “don’t miss” checkpoints, diners, and shops; we’ll play the “How Should I Know?” game. This is truly “convertible country!” Follow the roller-coaster hills back to Middleton.

Tonight dine with the locals, visit a brewery, choose one of the great local restaurants and join OAC friends for dinner. Have fun! Soon it will be Saturday


Polish the Pony, Twist West to Thrills in the Hills, Dash the Driftless Region
Wake up your Navigator and grab an early breakfast! We’ll line them up and shine them up “nice and pretty” today and drop tops for our open-to-the-admiring-public OAC Quarter-Century Concours. Look ‘em all over and cast your votes for favorites. Maybe your beauty will win an award! At the Concours you’ll get printed tour instructions for the “OAC Modified LeMans Start.”

We’ll dash to the south and west to enjoy Wisconsin’s stunning unglaciated hill country and river valleys laced with the most exciting network of backroads in the nation. There’s something amazing around every turn: world famous architecture, pioneer miner’s settlements, Norman Rockwell towns, top cheese makers, picker’s delight antique hoards, award-winning wineries, famous artist studios, quiet parks, some special surprises, and everywhere – a genuine warm welcome!

Visit the checkpoints on your passport and play the “Is My Right Hand Always North?” game. As always, be alert and watch for critters. We love to see them in their natural habitat, not in the grill! Keep your camera and binoculars within easy reach. You’ll have plenty to show and tell the folks back home!

Tonight round-up a group of new and old friends to enjoy one of the excellent eateries along the way, or in the Middleton Area. Who has the best stories? Which ones are true!?


Rev up for Cheers, Awards, Prizes and The Road Ahead!
You’ll have time for a little extra shut-eye today - but not too much! Get some breakfast and then drift into the Festive Finale’ at the Marriott Conference Center. Here you’ll have a chance to use the tickets you earned by visiting checkpoints to enter 25 fabulous bucket drawings, find out which rides were voted the “Top of the Topless” at the OAC Concours, celebrate the conclusion of our twelfth OpenAir Classic, maybe win the Grand Prize and put an exclamation point on twentyfi ve years of topless adventures!

Say your fond farewells, trade contact information with your new friends, and we’ll wrap up by Noon. You may want to spend some time poking around the city before heading home.

Mark your calendars for OAC XIII Aug.16-19, 2018.
Do you know where we’re headed?
Ha! Nope! It’s a secret.
To be revealed at the OpenAir Conditioner in Madison late January 2018.
It’s the first big topless party of the New Year!
See You There

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Future OpenAir Classic Tours!
OAC XIII - August 16-19, 2018
OAC XIV - August - 15-18 2019
OAC XV - August 20-23 2020

We'll see you on another OpenAir Tour soon!

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